Stages, activities and related deliverables

Stage I (2017) – Design and optimization of the dielectric and electrode


A1.1. Optimization of the dielectric material structure and composition
A1.2. Filler`s preparation
A1.3. Optimization of the dielectric film forming and crosslinking process and geometry
A1.4. Evaluation of the mechanical and dielectric behavior of the dielectric films prepared
A1.5. Optimization of the electrode structure and composition
A1.6. Characterization of the free-standing film electrodes
A1.7. Optimization of the electrode deposition on the dielectric
A1.8. Evaluation of the mechanical and electric behavior of the electrode-dielectric-electrode assembly
A1.9. Dissemination of the scientific results: presentation at conferences and articles writing

Expected results

- At least four polymers of pre-established molecular masses achieved!
- at least two chemically modified polydimethylsiloxanes with polar groups achieved!
- At least a filler, i.e., TiO2 nanotubes achieved (3 fillers)!
- Dielectric films with different size and geometry achieved!
- Product sheets concerning to dielectric films achieved (10 product sheets)!
- Electrode free-standing films achieved!
- Product sheets concerning to electrode films achieved !
- Elements for energy conversion units achived!
- Product sheets concerning to electrode films achieved (4 product sheets)!
- Two articles at least submitted to publication achieved (5 articles with cumulative impact factor of 22.895 and the articles influence score of 4.786)!

Stage II (2018) – Laboratory validation of the experimental laboratory demonstrator


A2.1. Setting configuration and commissioning the installation for casting successive dielectric elastomers films and compliant electrodes and demonstration
A2.2. Upgrading and realizing the required configuration of the facility for the evaluation of the energy conversion capacity of the obtained units
A2.3. Demonstration of the method/procedure functionality
A2.4. Dissemination of the scientific results: presentation at conferences and articles publishing

Expected results

- Laboratory installation to produce elements for energy conversion units achieved, demonstrated, patented!

Italian Trulli
The four "key" stages in the operation of the installation for successive deposition of dielectric elastomer films and compliant electrodes

The installation allows quickly obtaining of dielectric-electrode stacks to reach 22 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height. The number of layers depends on the thickness of the films. The deposition and crosslinking time of a dielectric film is 1.21 min, while an electrode film is deposited and crosslinked within 1.6 minutes. Crosslinking of both types of films is accomplished by a click-photochemical reaction. The installation and the process for obtaining the stratified polymeric generators are the basis of a OSIM patent application.
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- Laboratory setup for energy harvesting test achieved, demonstrated!

Italian Trulli

The equipment allows accurately assessing the power take-off performance of the conversion elements developed within the project. The results of the evaluation on a dielectric having 120 mm diameter and 200 μm thickness, with co-axial electrodes of 60 mm diameter in single-, two- and three-layer configuration showed, at a 200% elongation and an input voltage of 100 V, an output voltage of 4, 6 and 10 times greater respectively, the harvested energy being 0.07, 0.2 and 1 mJ respectively, with an energy density of 1.1 kJ/m3.
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- One article submitted to publication achieved (2 published articles with cumulative impact factor of 4.36 and the articles influence score of 2.065; 2 submitted patents)!